Print On Demand

What is 'print on demand'?

Print on demand is a service that we utilize to bring you the most variety in product type, size, color and design as we can. 

Storing sized items can be difficult for a smaller store. Multiple products in multiple sizes, colors, and designs take up a lot of real estate in our product storage. That means when we try to order in bulk and then send the item to you directly, we are very limited in the stock we can offer. There's a lot of guesswork that goes into what sizes, colors and designs to order and have on hand. This can make it difficult to find just what you want and need in our store.

With print on demand services we can offer a variety of sizes, colors and designs without having to store all the inventory in our limited space. This means more choices for YOU!

Here's how it works:

  • We design products with the print on demand service and publish them to our store.
  • You browse, order what you want in a variety of colors and sizes, and pay right on the TACPA Store site!
  • The parts of your order that we keep in stock are fulfilled at our facility.
  • The parts of your order that are 'print on demand' are sent to the print on demand service to be printed and shipped directly to you!

What this means for your order:

  • You get a wide variety of choices in design, color, and size! Much wider than we can offer alone.
  • It will ship in two separate parts if you've ordered both inventory we keep in stock AND 'print on demand' items in the same order.
  • Shipping costs on those orders will be a little higher since there will be two separate shipments.


If you have questions or concerns about this process, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Please note - because of the customized nature of print on demand items, we cannot offer refunds or returns on these pieces.