The TACP Foundation supports and cares for the TACP families that have lost a loved one due to combat, training or tragedy by providing camaraderie, resources and encouragement throughout the course of their life. It is important the TACP community remain in contact with these families and that they are continually reminded that they are backed by a family much larger than their own.


The TACP community Gold Star children have suffered the loss of their father, but they’ve gained the support of the greater TACP community. The TACP Foundation TACP For Life program provides financial support to Gold Star children, totally $20,000 per child. At each major life milestone for Gold Star children, the foundation provides a $5,000 check. It is our intention to support the children during times in which their fathers would have been there to support them. These milestones include getting a license, high school and college graduation, getting married and buying a house. It is Important that the Gold Star children know that their father is still with them through the brotherhood of the TACP community.


Each year at the TACP Reunion, Gold Star family members and family members of those killed in training and tragedy gather to share stories of their loved ones and meet members of the TACP community that served with their loved ones. It is important that these families remain engaged with the active and retired TACP community as a way to honor their loved one and keep their memory alive.TACP Foundation sponsors the travel, lodging and events for families of the fallen to attend the annual TACP reunion.


DAUGHTER OF BRIAN DALY - KIT- 1996. "I’ve been able to meet some of my Dad’s best friends in the TACP community that I never knew before because I was only 7 when he was killed. Because of this association with the TACP community, I’ve met the men that will stand in his place and support me in special events like my wedding. I feel very loved and cared for by the TACP community."


FATHER OF TIMOTHY OFFICER - KIA- 2015.Our son was coming home literally, figuratively, in all the ways you could imagine with that phrase. We had so much hope for the future for our son and our relationship with our son. We were closer than we had been in years. Timmy’s early death meant there were many chapters of Timmy’s life that we would only come to know, through stories from his TACP family and friends. The TACP community provides the connection to our son that can only be made by those closest to him and from those that knew him, through others, by his deeds and actions. ""


WIFE OF JOSH GAVULIC - KIT- 2014. “I am so grateful for the ways that the TACP-A has made my children and I feel like we are still a part of the TACP community even long after Josh passed away. In addition to offering my children financial support during some major life transitions as they have aged, they have also welcomed us each year into their reunions and events with open arms like we are family. I have personally seen how the men of the TACP-A honor the loss of their fellow TACP husbands and fathers by experiencing the lifelong love and brotherhood of the rest of this incredible community. I am grateful beyond words to be a part of this organization!”